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Shut Down Daines in 2014!
Daines Checked Out the Polls, Voted to Reopen Government -- Temporarily
    On October 16, the Senate and House voted to fund the government, but only temporarily.  Early this year, Steve Daines and other extreme House Republicans will again probably threaten to shut the government down.  Meanwhile, the economy will just scrape by, uncertain about what's to come.

    According to Standard and Poors, the sixteen-day Republican temper-tantrum cost the economy about $24 billion.  Its human cost is harder to measure.     

    The shut-down was not, as some news outlets wanted us believe, the fault of both Republicans and Democrats.

    It was solely the fault of Republican Party extremists.

    Its origin was a FreedomWorks campaign launched just after the re-election of President Obama in 2012.  FreedomWorks is one of several far-right groups funded by the billionaire Koch brothers. 

    On their website, FreedomWorks has the following: "Harry Reid and his Democrats will have no incentive to compromise unless they know the Republicans are willing to take a hard stance -- even allowing the government to be shut down, if necessary."

    On August 21st, a letter (written by a congressman from North Carolina who believes President Obama was born in Kenya) was sent to the Republican congressional leadership.  It was signed by 80 of the most extreme House members, including Steve Daines.  The letter urged the leadership to work toward FreedomWorks' goal of a government shut-down.    
The Billionaire Koch Brothers: Steve Daines' Heroes and Financial Backers 
    The Koch Brothers-inspired letter read, in part, "We should continue our efforts to repeal Obamacare in its entirety this year, next year, and until we are successful.  We urge you [Boehner and Canter] to affirmatively de-fund the implementation and enforcement of ObamaCare in any relevant appropriation bill brought to the House floor in the 113th Congress including any continuing appropriations bill."

    Daines, one of the radical 80 who signed the letter leading to the shut-down, looked at the polls showing his Tea Party sinking in popularity (now 25% favorable) and voted to reopen the government.

    In a statement to the press after the vote, Daines said that, despite his reluctant vote to re-open the government, he will continue to fight to "repeal Obamacare."  So look for him to work with other Teabaggers to create another crisis in January.       

Dillon City Council to Take Up Anti-Bias Ordinance
    Responding to a concern raised by a Dillon resident on February 19, the City Council has begun work on a possible ordinance protecting LGBT people against discriminatory actions by private employers, businesses, and landlords.

   LGBT refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

    Dillon may model its ordinance on the one recently passed in Butte.  The matter is currently in the hand of the Council's Judicial Committee.  There will be several weeks of discussion within this committee before the issue if available for public commentary.

    Let's hope the idea of "justice for all" prevails.   
Norma Duffy to Run for HD 72
    We need to thank Norma Duffy of Dillon for again stepping forward to run for House District 72 (Beaverhead County).  She ran unsuccessfully for this seat in 2012.  

Here is her campaign website.
Norma Duffy
It's Amanda!
Amanda Curtis Formally Accepting the Democratic Party Nomination for Senate