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Shut Down Daines in 2014!

Norma Duffy Running for HD 72
    We need to thank Norma Duffy of Dillon for again stepping forward to run for House District 72 (Beaverhead County).  She ran unsuccessfully for this seat in 2012.  

Here is her campaign website.
Norma Duffy
It's Amanda!
Amanda Curtis Formally Accepting the Democratic Party Nomination for Senate
Curtis for Senate
    Amanda Curtis will run for the Montana senate seat currently held by John Walsh.  Her main opponent is super-rich Republican Steve Daines.

    Amanda, a Butte High School math teacher, entered the race quite late when Walsh withdrew his candidacy.

    Her website,, contains information about who she is, what she stands for, and where she's going next (so you can meet her in person).

    Or you can find more about Amanda on the "Curtis for Senate" tab at the top of this page.

    She needs more money to continue her campaign against Daines, who has virtually unlimited money, most of it from right-wing out-of-state corporate groups.  There's a "Donate" tab on her site.
Nice Article About Amanda in Cosmopolitan
    An article in Cosmopolitan is very favorable to Amanda Curtis.  The writers acknowledge that she's an underdog but suggest that she actually has a chance of winning.

    Let's hope the're right.  But they won't be unless all of us work our tails off for Amanda.

    The article is here.
NPR Analyst Calls Out Daines and Zinke on Their Lies
    [On October 6, Patricia Rosenleaf made the following comments on NPR]
    In what must be their PR people's worst nightmares, both Steve Daines (R, candidate for US Senate) and Ryan Zinke (R, candidate for US House) have recently shown their true characters, and it ain't pretty, folks.

    According to the Billing Gazette, one of the state's most conservative newpapers, Steve Daines was caught in a web of lies.  In a glossy flyer which Daines termed "informative" rather than political, and for the mailing of which he used franking privileges (that would be our tax money) to mail to Montana voters, he claimed to have met with Marine leaders to discuss veteran issues.  No, say those vets, he never met with us -- he just photoshopped himself glad-handing some veterans who were standing in a line.  The Commander of the Marine League shot missives off to both Daines' Helena and Washington offices, demanding an explanation and also asking whether Daines was exploiting them for political gain.  As of many days later, they had received no reply.  Considering Daines' abysmal voting record on veterans issues, he should be hanging his head in shame.

    In one of his many slick television ads, he does the same thing with a self-proclaimed "union powerhouse worker."  The man, Bob Winger, is a former local president of the Boilermakers Union who was ousted for his far-out political views and has since retired.  Winger makes claims that sound as if the unions are backing Daines and that Daines is working for unions and the common working man.  Daines' zero voting record for unions from the AFL/CIO certainly belies those claims.
Caught in Lies (Again)
    Then there's Ryan Zinke who has stated that most of his campaign contributions have come from out of state because "Montanans are all poor."  Do you think he knows his constituency?  Ryan Zinke has misrepresented his service record and appears to be running on little more than the fact that he was a Navy Seal and his grandmother ran away from home.  He claims to have been on the team that killed Osama bin Laden even though he'd retired three years before that event.  Now, I have all due respect for the Navy Seals, and surely one must possess physical prowess to pass the rigorous requirements of the elite group, but his use and abuse of his service record, using official military logos for his campaign bus (directly forbidden by Navy Code) all point to a person who is both conveniently slipshod in his memory and disdainful of authority.

    According to Don Pogreda's blog Intelligent Discontent, add to his service record the fact that Zinke recently "released a half-baked 'plan' to help address the healthcare needs of American veterans.  Putting aside that Zinke's 'solutions' are largely conservative ideological claims like the need to 'fire' bad administrators, privatize care, and not spend a single cent more on veterans, the most appalling element of Zinke's proposal is how he plans to solve the crisis in mental illness, specifically PTSD, in the military."  Zinke's suggestion: eschew mental health support and just go to the local American Legion hall and talk it out.  That suggestion is both horrifying and beyond ignorant.  Apparently Zinke adheres to the ol' "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" theory of rehabilitation despite his "receive(ing) benefits for an 80% disability from the military, (and yet) being able to run in 'Spartan' races."

    All in all, both Daines and Zinke are the worst kind of candidates: slickly packaged with ads that are total misrepresentations (e.g., the one with the pink-haired lady stating that John Lewis wrote the Affordable Care Act) repeated so often that people begin to believe them though they've been adamantly discredited by Fact Check and other sources.  These two men are richly supported with out-of-state dark funds from such backers as the Koch brothers and ALEC, which support and run their campaigns.

    They have no positive plans for Montana: just the exploitation of our beautiful state, the tearing down of our public schools, the selling off of our public lands, privatizing schools and other institutions which will turn them and their billionaire supporters a tidy profit.  They are removed, disinterested, profit-motivated, and absolutely without conscience.  They are NOT what we need in Washington representing us.